Cogitations on The God Idea


This page gives some general cogitations on the idea of God. Rather than looking at the God idea as to whether it is a delusion, it is looked at from the point of view of evolutionary benefit. This serves firstly as an illustration of a potential approach to analysing ideas, and also in itself aims to provide an alternative perspective of the continual debate on the concept of God.

This page records some initial thoughts. It is hope to expand on an update these cogitations as time progresses.

The Non Self

Without the God idea as a basis for assessing other ideas one can be lead towards the delusion that the only real existence / experience is in the self. The expected basis for assessing the application of any idea is in reference to the emotions (pleasure, pain) of the individual applying that idea. By relating an idea to the idea of God then the point of reference is taken out of the self into the external. An idea is judged not only on the self but against an ideal represented by God. Taking the idea of God is to go away from the concept of a physical being towards a representation of an ideal to be aimed for.

The God idea, which provides an ideal not linked to the self, can lead to altruistic actions.

Soothing the Pains of Life

For most of us, who are trying to find their way forward in the fog of everyday life, belief in an entity outside the self helps soothe the inevitable bumps and scratches of existence. The fact that commonly life is unsatisfactory to the self need not lead to desperation. Having an ideal outside the self can make one less concerned with one's own pains and look towards that ideal.

Belief in Truth

Other "God like" abstractions are common used to represent other ideals. One such belief is Truth. When looked at the abstract Truth becomes an ideal that can be difficult to demonstrate in the absolute sense in relation to the "real" (observed) world. It can be used in mathematical models and check against observations through experimentation. But later a model can be shown to be flawed. Furthermore, such mathematical models are rarely applicable to complex situations such as human interactions. Having a strong belief in Truth as perceived at a given time, even if it is later proven to be wrong, provides a good basis for assessing an idea.

However, for most of us, in most situations, the truth of an idea is not easily assessed. Having a belief system that can he used to simply assess an idea in relation to past experience of others provides a means to the common good. In a world of billions having an common understanding of truth just based on mathematics and experimentation that is readily understood is not considered practical.

Evolution of the Gods

If one gets bound up in an ideal linked to the God idea detached from the real external world this can lead actions of harm. If the God idea becomes so strong that it blinds us from observed realities of harm it is no longer a "good" God. If the belief of an ideal for "good" represented by God does not match the reality of the situation then it should be recognised as a false God.

Like other forms of energy 'correctly" applied the God idea can be for good. Misapplied it can be dangerous. However, assuming that there is competition between Gods, Gods that lead to "bad" situations for those that hold them hopefully will cease to exist or evolve into "good" Gods.

It is my belief that evolution works towards a good not just for the survival of an idea, but also for the "good" of the beings that hold those ideas. This includes the evolution of ideas linked to a God.

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